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different malware family that requires the malware authors to use a pre-set account credentials at the entry point to perform their desired activity, usually logging in to a banking system, or other internet based service and conducting their malicious activities there. for the purpose of this example we will use a microsoft office word document with the file name of recovertoolv20033l1224exe110mb.odt, but it is important to note that the malware traffic analysis report provides detailed analysis of this malware family and how it executes, which could be used to look for it in more detail. this example is a new version of a malware family first observed in previous post that called the malware recovertoolv20033l1224exe110mb. it was analysed and documented by @blueviking on twitter. you can read his blog about this example . the metadata (download_exception) returned by the get method is used to extract the malware executable. the exe name and information stored in the file (executable_info). the exe has a name recovertoolv20033l1224exe110mb and is stored in %systemroot%\system32\packagedir note: this is a x86 executable, not an os payload. there are many variants available in the wild, this one is just a free one i found. it is patched with a custom version of the exploit. the payload contains the following files: – a custom registry entry: hkcu\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\run\recovertoolv20033l1224exe110mb – a custom file: c:\recovery\recovertoolv20033l1224exe110mb – a custom start menu shortcut: c:\recovery\recovertoolv20033l1224exe110mb\recovertoolv20033l1224exe110mb.lnk 5ec8ef588b

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