Arashi Around Asia Thailand Taiwan Korea

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Arashi Around Asia Thailand Taiwan Korea

in june, himitsu no arashi-chan earned arashi’s first tv guide award for best television drama special award; the ceremony was held in tokyo, japan. [198] in 2010, it earned another tv guide award for best television drama special award. [199] in 2012, the show was nominated for an award at the tv land awards. [199]

the frequency of their television program has been increasing. from 4 december 2006 to 14 august 2007, they hosted 5 television programs (2 + 3 on ntv and 1 on tbs) and they still host 3 television programs on ntv and 1 on tbs. during this period of time, arashi hosted 3 television programs on tbs, 1 in 2006, 2 in 2007, and 1 in 2008. in 2007, arashi hosted 4 television programs on ntv (1 + 3 + 1 on tokyo broadcasting system) and 2 on tbs. in 2008, arashi hosted 3 television programs on ntv (1 + 2 on tokyo broadcasting system), 1 on tbs, and 1 on nok-kansai. [202]

in april, the group’s “arashi 10th anniversary” was held in yokohama, japan. [203] the “arashi 10th anniversary party” was held as part of the 2011 arashi first concert held in osaka, japan in december. [204] they held another “arashi 10th anniversary” at azalea fest in taipei, taiwan in june. [205] arashi released their 10th anniversary dvd titled arashi 10th anniversary on august 17, 2011. [206] on november 16, 2011, arashi opened their “arashi 10th anniversary” concert. arashi 10th anniversary was the last concert to be held in yokohama before their japan shinki city concert tour (beginning december 3) in 2013. [207]

arashi finished their final performance at smash the bazaar on november 16 at the taipei world trade center arena in taiwan. the group performed their thirteenth album boku no miteiru fkei in its entirety, following the performance of both member singles “kiseki” and “kotoba no chikara”. [69] they also performed six of the album’s ten total songs, the remaining four— “aruku aruku,” “love is not dead,” “love is not dead (shibuya dog),” and “kanatte yume wo”— being dedicated to their fans. [70] arashi’s youngest member, kazuhiko suzuki, broke his finger during the performance of “love is not dead (shibuya dog).” arashi released their next single “you and i” on january 18, 2009. it debuted at number one on oricon’s digital singles chart and on the oricon weekly singles chart, selling around 423,000 copies. [72] arashi performed in hong kong on february 27 at the asia’s got talent final round. arashi was the first idol group to perform at the hong kong international celebrity charity gala organized by the national council of social service. the concert was broadcast live on local television, marking the first time an idol group performed at a live television event in hong kong. arashi and fellow johnny’s artist sho sakurai performed in hong kong at the asian pop festival asia-dance at the hong kong coliseum on april 14. [74] the concert was organized to celebrate the 10th anniversary of asian pop festival. this was arashi’s first live performance in hong kong since may 2000 and sho’s live debut. [74] arashi performed five songs— “kotoba no chikara,” “daremo! moment,” “kanatte yume wo,” “aruku aruku” and “love is not dead”— from the group’s boku no miteiru fkei album. [75] 5ec8ef588b

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