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Elterm 24 Emulator

The Elterm 24 Emulator is a terminal emulation program to test and evaluate your control on-board software. The interface is similar to the external Elterm 24 and can be used for testing and debugging of your control programs. The terminal has two primary functions: – Display data and messages sent from the control on its screen – Transmit key presses to the control via its keypad It is an ideal terminal for the control of stepper and servo motor drives. To evaluate this ELTERM and to test the programs inside the motion controllers this “emulator” can be used. It functions the same as the real one. The terminal control has to be done by the program inside the connected motion controller. This includes displaying characters, erasing characters, and cursor positioning. The ELTERM 24 does not even echo key presses to its display. If you want to see them on the ELTERM screen, the control must transmit all characters received from the ELTERM 24 back to the terminal to display. The ELTERM 24 also has a key repeat feature that cannot be disengaged. When a key is pressed, the character is transmitted, then after a delay of about 0.5 seconds, if the key is still depressed, the same character is re-transmitted at a speed of 10 per second. The only difference between the ELTERM 24 and the emulator is that the program is not installed on your computer. The terminal emulator has been coded in such a way as to enable the control of the user interface. The emulator is based on the excellent TCMPort component. The Software: The Elterm 24 Emulator uses the excellent TComPort component. The PC program is provided as source code, and can be modified to your needs. The programs consist of two parts. One part is done in Matlab, which is a high level programming language, and the other part is done in C++. The Matlab part: The programs are written in a modified Matlab Language. After writing the program you can open it and manipulate and add/delete code if needed. Matlab is a high level programming language, which only a small number of programmers can understand. Matlab is easy to use and allows high level programming. A simple internet connection is needed in order to load the program. The C++ part: The code in the C++ part of the programs is easy to understand for anyone with little computer experience. The source code is plain English text. The

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This application helps to control the ELTERM 24 and should not be confused with an original Elterm 24 terminal with a touch sensitive screen. The Elterm 24 Emulator has one keypad with a key repeat function that you can use to send characters and functions. It can be used to check whether an Elterm 24 motion controller is connected properly or not and to test the firmware inside the Elterm 24. It has two serial ports in case you have an old RS232/RS422/RS485 terminal: – COM1: For the connecting of a stepper or servo controller via RS232, RS422 or RS485 (serial interface). – COM2: For the connecting of a controller without serial interface. Unplug the controller, connect the two cables with the terminal, then open the “Elterm 24 Emulator” and start the program. The Emulator shows immediately the connection of the terminal via COM1 and the COM2. All possible connections are listed and can be activated and deactivated. If the Emulator is started via the original Elterm application, you can start the simulator via the shortcut: – Menu: Tools > Simulator > start/stop You can send and receive data from/to the Elterm 24 Emulator via serial interface COM1 and the COM2 port. The data is transmitted to/from the control as an ASCII Z80 language compatible message. Check by sending a ENTER to switch to the Elterm 24 Emulator. You can send and receive messages from/to the control via the keypad. You can press the ENTER to switch to the Elterm 24 Emulator. You can also send characters to the Emulator via the keypad with the REC button. You can also send key presses to the Emulator via the keypad with the Transmit Button. The key repeat function is using the REC button to receive all repeated key presses and the character is displayed. If the REC button is pressed and the terminal is using the REC function, only the last character will be displayed. The other repeated characters are not displayed. Use the Transmit Button to trigger the ON/OFF function. You can choose between ON and OFF for the key repeat function. If the REC button is pressed, the control will send the complete character to the Emulator. The last character is displayed in the Emulator and the next character will be sent after 0.5 seconds delay. The Emulator will not display any characters during the time when the REC button 2f7fe94e24

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The Elterm 24 Terminal emulator is designed to be a simple operator interface “dumb” terminal designed to operate with an intelligent control. The terminal has two primary functions: – Display data/messages sent from the control on its screen – Transmit key presses to the control via its keypad It is an ideal terminal for the control of stepper and servo motor drives. To evaluate this Elterm and to test the programs inside the motion control this “emulator” can be used. It functions the same as the real one. The terminal’s communication requires a second serial communication port on the control. This control would need to be set up for this sort of connection, and then the terminal would be able to communicate with the control (same as real one). A number of key functions are also included on the terminal’s keypad. The press of S toggles the display off and on. Pressing S again turns display off and on again after some time. Pressing R brings up the characters from the real Elterm 24’s BIOS. The Elterm 24 can be configured to send data and display a number of patterns. These patterns can be stored in files on the Elterm. These files are sent to the terminal via the Emulator control to provide a virtual keyboard. These patterns can also be changed by editing the INI file and stored in the Elterm to be sent to the emulator. The connection to the terminal cannot be made using the same Ethernet port as the motion controller. At least not without some extra configuration. The connection to the terminal and the E24 Emulator control can be disconnected using a Jumper or could be simply removed. The terminal software also configures the terminal for the position of the jumper switch. NOTE: The E24 Emulator uses the excellent TComPort component This application is already tested with Elster CVI S3, Elster Connectivity Inc ECI-2200-SE-24, PACEMO EMG2/53, PACEMO EMG-RC-24, MX-3000. NOTE: The Elterm 24 Emulator uses the excellent TComPort component The Elter 24 Emulator VX and Motive to X20 support the use of the terminal emulator with Motive to X20 There are a number of character sets available. The default character set is the VX character set. Each character set appears as three character sets. For example: Option 1: * If on

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The Elterm 24 emulator is an application for the Windows operating system that simulates a simple emulated terminal connected to the specified control. It is designed to be an aid for those who would like to evaluate or program the drive of their Elterm 24 terminal. A simple example of the functionality of the application could be used to test the Elterm 24 correctly. This emulator application is supplied with the Elterm 24 equipment. The origin of the software is available for the free download. Start here to get started with the Elterm 24 emulator application. Download file to your computer. Double click on the setup.exe to start the installation. When prompted “Would you like to add the setup to your new computer?” Select “Yes” if the installer would add this to the end of the Windows PATH list. If prompted “Would you like to replace your current copy of the setup with the new one?” Then, to start the download from the web page, select “Yes” to replace the old file. “The Elterm 24 Emulator has been installed on your computer.” Select “Finish” to exit the setup. A final “Thank you” message will be displayed and your Elterm 24 Emulator will be running on your computer. Start to use the Elterm 24 emulator by opening the program. A list of items will be displayed on the screen as shown in the following screenshot. You can change the Elterm 24 Emulator name by selecting “Edit Menu” from the main menu of the application. Enter a name for your application in the text box that is displayed. The company logo can be replaced by another one. This can also be changed and is stored in an INI file. “Select Settings” from the “Edit Menu” to open the “Settings Manager.” The settings are shown in the following image. You can add or delete items from the list. The default file used for the Elterm 24 Emulator is called Elterm24Emulator.ini. You can change the default settings by selecting the text box “Default Settings.” You can change the name of the default configuration file by selecting the text box “Default file name.” You can also enter a description for the default configuration file by selecting the text box “Default configuration file description” and typing in the text box “Default configuration file description.” If you want to control a servo


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Minimum: OS: Mac OS X 10.8.5 or later Processor: 1.4 GHz Memory: 256 MB RAM Storage: 4 GB available space DirectX: Version 9.0 Video card: 1 GB VRAM Additional Notes: Game, Music, and Movie playback require an internet connection. Recommended: OS: Mac OS X 10.9.4 or later Processor: 2.6 GHz Memory: 512 MB RAM


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