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AutoVerse Add-in is a helper that works exclusively with Microsoft Word, aiming to assist in writing documents that have topics related to religion. The purpose of the program is to automatically insert quotes from the Bible based on the name of the book, chapter and the number of the verse, which are to be input by the end user. The whole operation is made possible via Word’s context menu. The installation process is hardly a challenge, as the application deploys in seconds and without significant user intervention. However, it is recommended that you exit Word for the operation to be carried out successfully. The next time you open the editor, you should be able to spot a new tab, named AutoVerse, from where you can choose the version of the Bible you want to work with. Options include as follows: New International Version, New Living Translation, New American Standard Bible, King James Version, New King James version and Young’s Literal Translation. In order to insert a new verse, you are required to specify the book, chapter and number of the verse, as mentioned previously, to select the text that results and to right-click it, at which point, a new context menu option should be noticeable. When you select it, the add-in starts to search the Bible version you chose and then displays the content of the quote in Italic. There is a certain lag between the time you instruct it to fetch a verse and the time it makes the text available, but not of significant impact. In conclusion, AutoVerse Add-in spears you the effort of searching for a certain verse manually and automates the procedure through a versatile engine at absolutely no cost.


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Add-in works with Microsoft Word 2016 to create professional, beautiful and accurate documents. You can use the add-in (latest version) to write beautiful, professional and accurate documents, using any Word version: from Office 2000 to Office 2007, Office 2010, or Office 2013. Our add-in adds several new commands to the context menu: • Copy blockquote • Paste blockquote • Clear blockquote • Insert number from the context • Insert number from the mouse • Read Book (to copy Bible quote) How to use the add-in: NOTE: • To start using the add-in, make sure you have Word installed on your computer. • Before using this add-in, you have to add our name (if you have license) and our website address on the Word “Office 2013 Options”. • Close Word when you start to use the add-in. • Make sure you have an account on our website (you can use our free account). • Add our name in the context menu. • Paste a Bible verse in the add-in to see a list of that Bible verses. • Add number of the verse in the add-in. • Read the Bible to insert the verse. • After you select the verse, you can press the “Read Bible” to insert the verse. • Once you press the “Read Bible”, you can copy and paste the verse. • Select a new location of the copy or a new document. • Press the Add button to add the new text. You can also do with the add-in the following things: • Paste a verse when you paste other text on the add-in. • Show the verse number. • Read the verse and select the verse number. • Clear the verse number. • Disable the add-in. • Open the add-in. • Show the list of Bible verses. • Show the title of the Bible or the file name. • Close the add-in. • Add the add-in to the desktop. • Delete the list of Bible verses. • Clear the list of Bible verses. Features List • Enable or disable the add-in. • Add the add-in to the desktop. • Disable the add-in. • Delete the list of Bible verses. • Clear the list of

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– Install and run the AutoVerse Add-in. This can be done by selecting the Easy Install option. (if you installed the add-in in the beginning, it should show up as an installed tab in your Autocomplete.) – Open a copy of Word. Do not close the original file. – Click on File > Open. – Navigate to the AutoVerseAdd-in folder that you installed with Easy Install. You will see a folder named AutoVerseAdd-in (or something similar). – Open this folder. – You should now see two files, DLL and WordAdd-in.docx. (It is important that you use the autodiscover://v2/x/x.x.x.x:x/x.x.x.x:x/x.x.x.x:x URL syntax.) – Double click on the DLL file. – Click on Edit. – Select All. – Copy. – Click the Add/Remove button in the Add-in Options window. – Select the Word Add-in tab. – Paste the text of the WordAdd-in.docx file. – Restart Word. – Open the AutoVerseAdd-in. – Click on Edit. – Select All. – Copy. – Paste it into the Word Add-in. – Click on OK in the Add-in Options window. – Restart Word. You may use this software as long as you purchase a valid license key, click on ‘Show Details’ and register for our free support.You may use this software as long as you purchase a valid license key, click on ‘Show Details’ and register for our free support. NEW: The AutoVerse Add-in automatically imports references of Bible verses (KJV, NLT, ESV, etc.), authors and history dates from a given text and presents them to the user in a tabbed list of related names. This is a complete customizable information tool that will assist any scholar in studying the Bible. In addition to this, the program brings along a variety of additional options including the common “What does this mean?” and “Quote Lookup” function. It also has an advanced read-aloud function that will read aloud the contents of a text file. When you run the software, you should notice that Word automatically reloads

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* Xbox 360 Controller Recommended * Internet connection to join the game * 60 frames per second is ideal * Internet connection is required to play the game after the initial download * Xbox 360 Hard Drive Space required: 7 GB * Per Xbox Live Agreement, the entire content of this game will be playable only once Reception The review aggregator website Metacritic awarded the Xbox version of the game 84% based on 15 reviews. References External links Category:2010 video games Category:Action

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