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Portable Vampix is a lightweight and fairly easy to understand piece of software that was designed to help you turn regular color pictures to B&W, allowing you to manually adjust the threshold levels to effortlessly obtain the effects you are looking for. Clear-cut and accessible looks Appearance-wise, the application is very basic and underwhelming, featuring nothing more than a medium-sized, non-resizable window, where all of its configuration parameters can be found. Its usage is quite simple and undemanding, but just in case, Portable Vampix also lists the four steps you need to go through in order to turn your pictures to black and white, at the top of its main window. Convert color images to B&W with just a few mouse moves To load your photo into the program, you can either use the ‘Load’ button in its interface or the equivalent ’File’ menu option, and browse for your file, then open it. Alternately, you can just drag and drop it over the main window. You should bear in mind that you can only process pictures individually, as batch operations are not supported; similarly, Portable Vampix can only work with JPG format files, other types of images not being supported. After having loading your file, you can set the color ‘Thresholds’ by hand, being able to choose the ‘Central Color’ with one click on the image, a dedicated section informing you of the ‘Distance from CC’, whenever you hover your mouse cursor over it. You can also opt between two ‘Display’ modes’, specifically ‘Picture’ and ‘Mask’. Once your adjustments are finalized, you can save the black and white photo to your computer, to JPG format only. A straightforward Black and White converter All things considered, Portable Vampix proves to be a useful, though quite simplistic utility, and as a result, it may fail to impress more demanding individuals; this is due particularly to the limited file types that it supports, as well as its inability to handle bulk processing.







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Converts color images to B&W with just a few mouse moves Converts color images to B&W with just a few mouse moves – Portability: Compatibility: Works well with all Windows versions System requirements: Pentium 3+ or AMD Athlon 64+ CPU, 400MHz 128 MB of RAM 25 MB disk space Getting started: Installation instructions: Converts color images to B&W with just a few mouse moves – Portability: Converts color images to B&W with just a few mouse moves is an easy to use and straightforward to utilize color photo converter for the Macintosh computer. This application supports all of the standard Macintosh file formats. It is compatible with all graphics formats and allows you to modify photographs with ease. Let us take a moment to review the advantages of using this program and see how we can use it in our photography. Unlike other color picture conversion applications, it can provide an extremely good output because it has a B&W exclusive environment. It does not disturb the original hue and lightness that make color pictures attractive. High resolution Converting a picture is a time-consuming process; however, this application works in a high resolution with extremely great efficiency. It converts 24-bit color images in 16:9 format into black and white, preserving the original hue and lightness. It lets you select the places that you want to turn black and white. It does not have any issues when the original color settings are a bit hard to decipher. Supports all of the standard Macintosh file formats This application supports all of the standard Macintosh file formats including JPEG, TIFF, and PNG. All pictures can be modified with ease. Its usability is just an ideal companion to those of us who take photographs. Works with a large number of pictures Portability: Works with a large number of pictures is a light weight color photo conversion utility with a B&W exclusive environment. It supports all standard Macintosh file formats. It lets you choose the places where you want to convert a picture. The output is very high resolution and does not alter the original hue and lightness of your photograph. Compatibility: It is compatible with all graphic files and does not disturb the original hue and lightness of your photograph. System requirements: Pentium III+ or AMD Athlon 64+ CPU, 400MHz 128

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A fast and simple way to produce black and white images. Highlights: Powerful conversion tool. Extensive file type support. Simple interface. Supports batch operations. Editable parameters for quick output. Program Size: 493.68 KB The Black and White effect can be enhanced with hundreds of Photoshop plugins; from the simple to the advanced. After all, the result is inevitably the result of the perfect combination of various components. However, if you are searching for quality plugins for your image processing, you have come to the right place. Take a look at a number of our best Black and White Photoshop plugins. . Photoshop Black and White Plug-ins You can use Photoshop plugins to add and modify an existing Image in the same way as you would with Photoshop itself. Plug-ins are simply small programs that you can use instead of Photoshop, only they do more and offer a variety of additional features. With regard to the image they modify, Photoshop Plug-ins add or modify the color content and the effect of an image (the detail in an image), as well as other elements (like the background and the image’s borders). So, for example, a Black and White Image plug-in could remove red, green, and blue (RGB) colour information, and all items that contain red and blue, and then add the light and shade (HSL) components. This type of plug-in allows you to create completely different Black and White effects, depending on the colour content of the image. . Black and White Photoshop Plug-ins In this section, we present the best Black and White plug-ins for Photoshop. Here, you can find different Black and White plug-ins, and their main features and other details. Take a look at the following list: . Merging Function Hashing Algorithm Pixel Lookup Various modes Versioning Automatic adjustments Unlimited undo/redo Resizing Anti-aliasing Keyboard shortcuts Cloud support Designed for the latest version of Photoshop CC Easy to use . Merging Function You can use Photoshop plug-ins to replace colors by other colors. For example, you can use a black and white plug-in to add a white border to a picture. This will replace the green in that border by white 3a67dffeec

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The number of different software programs for black and white conversions is relatively low when compared to programs such as PhotoStudio and Color Chops. But that does not imply that they are not available – indeed, we have read a lot of positive reviews, both about Photoshop, PaintShop Pro, Paint Shop Pro X and others. But what makes the PhotoPlus Platinum program stand out from the crowd? Although the program provides a decent number of tools to work with, like the “Convert to B&W”, “Restore to Color”, “Convert to other format” and others options, it does not offer these tools in the same seamless way of other programs. PhotoPlus Platinum 7.0 is quite easy to use, and it is highly recommended, although to our eyes it lacks a few features that we’re used to from other tools, like “Auto Levels”, “Skin Tones”, “Auto Levels and Contrast”, “Threshold”, “Dither” and others. We have tested a sample of the program on a PC with Windows XP SP3, but it should also work on Windows 7 – again, although its compatibility has not been tested. When you have your photo ready for conversion, click on the button that says “Convert to black and white”, and you will be presented with a number of options to help you choose the best settings for your photo. You can choose between three different ways to set the “threshold” for your photo, and the process is pretty straightforward – once you’ve set the “Distance from center” and “Margin”, you can choose the “central color”, or you can adjust the “Shadow” and “Tone” settings. To see a preview of the settings, you can then click on the button that says “Preview” – once you are happy with the settings, you can click on the button that says “Convert”. For most people, this process will result in the creation of a JPG, but PhotoPlus Platinum also offers other conversion formats such as PNG, TIFF, GIF and BMP. PhotoPlus Platinum 7.0 Review: We reviewed PhotoPlus Platinum 7.0 – and after reading the very positive, real user reviews on the author’s website,

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Portable Vampix – automated black and white conversion of any color image to B&W. Addicted to good old classic black and white photographs? In the course of time, they simply become a treasure to everyone who catches them in the picture. However, making them in B&W can often be a complicated affair; in fact, according to many of us, it’s exactly why they are so fascinating. Since B&W photographs are missing all the information about the image color/s, the contrast is always higher and the grayscale appears brighter. While color images, on the other hand, are just as pleasing, but yet feature a less vivid and uniform contrast. This is where Portable Vampix comes into place. It’s a simple, free program that will enable you to effortlessly turn your color images into B&W photos. With this particular tool, you can easily modify the color images, choosing what parts of the image should remain in the same colors, and what parts should turn into black and white. How to operate Portable Vampix? Loading your image is as simple as choosing it from your hard drive, or by clicking on the ‘Load’ button, located on the top left corner of the interface. You can also use your mouse to drag and drop your image over the program’s main window, enabling you to adjust the colors and get your preferred B&W photo. You may even use the ’Go to Step’ menu option, located at the bottom of the main window, to quickly adjust the given option. After you have loaded your image, you can set the color ‘Thresholds’ by hand, being able to choose the ‘Central Color’ with one click on the picture, a dedicated section informing you of the ‘Distance from CC’, whenever you hover your mouse cursor over it. You can also opt between two ’Display’ modes’, specifically ‘Picture’ and ‘Mask’. Once you have finished adjusting your picture, you can save the B&W photo to your hard drive, as a JPG image, to make it easier for you to share. What does Portable Vampix Features? Batch processing. Multiple operation options: ‘No’, ‘Yes’, ‘Threshold’ and ‘Go to Step’. Visualize the distance from the central color. Automatically perform B

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Windows 10/8/7/8.1/7/Vista/XP Processor: Core i3, i5, i7 Graphics: Radeon HD 4000, GeForce 8400, or better RAM: 2 GB RAM HD: 4 GB available storage space Online: Play against human opponents or go it alone and try to best the AI. When logging in, you will be able to play five different modes: Team Play Single Play Local Play Head to Head Replay


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